Friday, October 3, 2014

Take A Break With Our Netflix Recommendations

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It’s the weekend; you’ve had a long week and deserve a break. If you’re looking for some great shows on Netflix to watch in your free time, we got you covered. Below are some of our personal favorites that you should check out if you haven’t already!

Arrested Development: 

Originally airing in the early/mid 2000’s, this show was a gem hidden in the same time slots as American Idol and other popular shows. As a result it was ultimately canceled. However, the show was picked up for a 4th season by Netflix just recently, and has delivered another great season with more hopefully to come in the future.

This show is witty and hilarious. The writing and cast is top notch and the on going jokes are fantastic.  I highly recommended this show if you haven’t started watching already. And remember, there's always money in the banana stand.

Parks and Recreation: 

Originally intended to be a spin off of The Office (another great show on Netflix), Parks and Rec turned into something amazing. Ditching the idea of The Office spin off before production, the show turned into what it is today.

The show has a great cast with the main star being Amy Poehler. If you haven’t heard anything about this show or haven’t seen memes of Ron Swanson, then you are probably more productive than most people.

I would recommend this show to anyone looking for a funny show with some depth and a number of episodes to get lost in.


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The name Sherlock Holmes is one that everyone is familiar with. The character, originally created by Sir Arthur Conan, has had many different adaptions over the years. The show Sherlock though is, in my opinion, the best adaption.

Airing on BBC and available on Netflix, Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, both outstanding actors. Cumberbatch’s character is unbelievably entertaining and he and Martin make an amazing duo.

Set in modern day London, the super observant and brilliant Sherlock solves some of the most interesting crimes the city has to offer. I would recommend this to those who love a good detective drama with a hint of humor. Plus, who doesn’t like telling their friends they watch a British show?


Netflix can be educational as well as entertaining. The service offers some fantastic documentaries that cover a variety of subjects and issues. Some that you should definitely check out are: Blackfish, The National Parks: America’s Best Idea, and Hoop Dreams. These are all fantastic documentaries with a strong message.

Check out their selection and find something that you are interested in. I have yet to be disappointed!

Netflix is a great way to take a break from your busy day and get lost in a good show or movie. Find something you enjoy, but be careful not to waste an entire day saying “just one more episode”. Unless you want to, because it happens and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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