Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Spot: Brick City Grill

This week’s hot spot and our newest addition to the Ames Fun Money program is Brick City Grill! Located on 2704 Stange Rd Brick City took over the old Brewers building, but with some great new additions! Brick City is the perfect combination on sports bar and casual family dining. Take a look at their Facebook page to keep up with they’re daily deals.
If you’re looking to try a new restaurant in Ames look no further than Brick City Grill! They serve new and traditional American style food, all types of barbeque, burgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. This is the perfect place to bring your friends for a Friday night outing and still catch that ball game you’ve been dying to see.  With its welcoming atmosphere and fantastic food Brick City is sure to satisfy!
Check out what Haley R. had to say about the new place!

The food is good - really good. The menu is solid but not overwhelming with options. I had a crispy chicken sandwich, and my boyfriend had a Farmer Brown burger topped with egg, ham, and hash browns. Both were terrific. The fries were good. The service was great. We were there at lunch and it wasn't busy, but I have no reason to expect that it wouldn't be that good all the time. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank You Thursday FREE $10 FUN MONEY CARD!

ATTENTION AMES RESIDENTS! Tomorrow is Thank You Thursday! Like our Fun Money Page then come into the office tomorrow (6-27-13) to receive a FREE $10 FUN MONEY CARD! 
Fun Money can be used at businesses all over Ames see the full list on our website Hurry in! We have cards for the first 20 people through the door!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Need To Know: Fire Safety

An apartment fire is one of those things you never think will happen to you. Most apartment fires are caused by kitchen fires, heating equipment (space heaters), smoking materials, and arson (like kids playing with matches).  These are mostly accidental and can happen to anyone.  Fires can get out of control fast so know how to prevent them and react quickly.  There are lots of easy things you can do to help prevent a fire from happening at your apartment.    

Prevention Tips

Don’t Overload Your Circuits

Instead use a power strip, they’re made with a safety mechanism that will automatically shut off in case of an electrical surge.  Remember to replace worn electrical cords and unplug small appliances when they aren't in use.

Light Bulbs

Be sure you’re using the correct wattage.  Don’t use a 100 watt bulb in a 40 watt socket, it leads to dangerous over heating.

Auto Shut Off

Make sure your hot appliances are set for automatic shut off.  Items like straighteners, coffee pots, and irons should always be turned off when you leave your home.  Auto shut off will give you peace of mind on busy mornings.

Clear the Clutter

When you’re using hot appliances be sure there’s plenty of space for it.  Keep tangled cords and stacks of paper away from hot surfaces.

Cooking 101

Don’t leave cooking food unattended and don’t throw water on a grease fire! The best thing to do is turn the appliance off and let it cool down.  If it’s in the oven keep the door shut to smoother the flame. You can also throw baking soda on the fire to help put it out. 

Clean Cooking Appliances 

Take the time to keep your oven, stovetop, and toaster clean.  Food build up can lead to fires, and nobody wants that.

Regular Testing

Make sure to check your fire and carbon monoxide alarms regularly as well as change the batteries.  If you're just moving in to your apartment double check the fire extinguisher is full and mark down its expiration date.

Smoking Material

If the apartment in non-smoking, DON’T SMOKE INSIDE! Otherwise be sure that you have a deep ashtray nearby whenever you smoke inside.  Be careful to properly extinguish the cigarette before throwing it away and NEVER smoke in bed. 


Don’t use your balcony for storage or grilling food if it’s not permitted.  Never store flammable liquids or compressed gasses (propane) in your apartment or on a balcony.  Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children. 

What if there is a fire?

1.     Stay calm. Calmly make your way to the nearest exit and check to make sure the door isn’t hot.  If the door is hot use a secondary exit, like a window.  If it’s cool, leave through the nearest exit. 
2.     Never use an elevator.  You don’t want to get stuck in the elevator of a burning building.  Be safe and take the stairs.
3.     Do not go back in.  Don’t try to go back in for your possessions.  Call 911 and let the professionals handle the rest.  
4.     Stop, Drop, and Roll.  If your clothing catches fire remember the first rule of fire safety: Stop, Drop, and Roll! Don’t run around the apartment in a panic.  Put it out quickly by rolling on the ground. 
5.     Cool burns quickly.  If you or someone you know does get burned, it’s important to cool the burn as soon as you can.  The wound holds in heat that can continue to damage flesh even after the flame is out. 

Do you have any fire safety tips? Share them with us at

Monday, June 24, 2013

Style Spotlight: Modern

Modern design is known for its clean lines and geometric style.  It comes from the designers of the Bauhaus School of Design in Germany around 1930.  Bauhaus Designers believed that form should follow function; in other words design should be simplified.  This is why modern interiors appear clean and uncluttered.  There are no ornate details just simple, sophisticated designs. 

When you’re putting together a modern room it’s important to think of the emptiness as an element.  It’s the opposite of what we tend to do.  We see a bare room and we want to fill it.  Resist the urge! To achieve a clean look it’s important not to clutter the space with too much furniture or personal trinkets.  using light neutral colors will help keep the room looking open and spacious.

Furniture – When deciding on furniture it’s important to keep modern design principles in mind. Geometrical pieces work well for these spaces.  Try contrasting straight rectangular couches with circular coffee tables or accessories. Don’t use over stuffed chairs or too many throw pillows remember to keep it simple.

Colors – Modern interiors favor a neutral color palette.  White walls are typical and give the room a very spacious and clean feeling.  It’s common for the furnishings and accessories to be neutrals colors as well.  Using neutrals doesn’t make the space boring, but if you’re a fan of color try using an accent.  Primary colors (red, yellow, blue) are the colors found most often in modern design.  Keep it simple and you can’t go wrong!

Art Work- Art and accessories are important in a modern interior.  Any piece you put in the room should make a statement.  Try using accessories that also follow modern design principles.  Look for sleek form and striking geometrical shapes.  The pieces you pick should complement the space without cluttering it.  Think minimal!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hot Spot: Complete Nutrition

Use your Fun Money to get fit this summer at Complete Nutrition.  Thinking about buying health products but don't know where to start, no problem! Complete Nutrition employees are trained to know what products will work best for you.  Their knowledgeable staff can help you with what ever results you want, weither it's weight loss, muscle gain, or just remaining healthy. You can also be inspired by their online archive of Complete Nutrition success stories!  Take a look at their Get Fit Blog.  Here you’ll find tons of great advice on how to live and eat healthy.  You can get creative ideas for out door fitness or find out which multivitamin is right for you. 

Complete Nutrition also offers some delicious healthy recipes.  Try some of their online recipes like Roasted Spring Vegetable Pasta, Egg White Mini Cupcakes, or Sprouted Wheat Tortilla Pizza!

Online you can find customer reviews on all of their products so you can decided which are the best fit for you.  Stay up to date on the monthly newsletter and be the first to know about the latest health products. 

On Complete Nutrition’s Youtube page you can find product testimonials and even trainer designed workouts! Take a look and this S.M.A.R.T. meets delicious smoothie we found on the Youtube page Complete Nutrition. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Color Wheel: Coral

Coral is a warm color and is making a splash in fashion and design.  This refreshing summery hue reminds us of sparkling beaches and tropical fruit.  Coral can be used as an accent color or even to paint an entire room! This great combination of red, orange, and pink will bring warmth to any space even in small amounts.  Pairing coral with grays  blues, or bright oranges are common color schemes for coral inspired interiors.  Feel free to explore your color options when it comes to coral! It can range from a light pink to a deep red orange.  Find the shade of coral that works best for you.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Decoupage DIY

Decoupage looks difficult to master, but it’s surprisingly simple! You can get professional looking results that transform any piece. In just a few steps you'll learn to decoupage anything! 

What you’ll need: 

Something to decoupage! This can be anything, a table, picture frame, chair, side table, jars, vases, just about anything with a solid surface.

Next you’ll need images, or anything you want to glue down to the surface.  You could use old pictures, magazine images, scrapbook paper, patterns, again anything you like!

Next you need a medium to glue with.  I suggest Mod Podge, it’s made specifically for decoupage.  It’s inexpensive and can be found at any craft store.  If you don’t have any you can use dilute white glue, but it may not hold as well as other products. 

Popsicle stick – this helps to smooth out bumps and wrinkles
Foam brush – these work best for brushing on thin layers of glue
Scissors – for cutting out images
Tweezers – for precise placement
Damp Rag – for messy glue clean up

How to do it!

The item you choose to decoupage must have a clean surface so make sure you wipe it down and dry it before you begin.

Cut out what ever pictures you are going to use and arrange them in place, you can arrange them however you like and feel free to overlap and layer images.  The more the merrier.  

It’s time to glue! Remove the picture, little at a time, and lay down glue on the surface of the item you are decoupaging.  Once the surface is covered lay the pictures back in place and smooth them out.  Make sure that you are only gluing down sections at a time.  It’s easier to work small so that the glue stays fresh.  Continue until your item is completely covered.

Once all of the pictures have been glued down, let it dry completely. 

Next put down another layer of glue over the newly decoupaged surface.  And let dry.

You continue to put down layers of decoupage until the surface is completely smooth.  Meaning continue to layer until you can’t feel the edges of the images you’ve laid down. 

Finally let your item completely dry and it’s ready for use!

Here's a helpful video on how to decoupage.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Roommate Contract

The idea of making up a roommate contract isn’t just something you do when you’re a freshman in the dorms.  They’re crucial for any living situation, but don’t think of it as some unbreakable contract.  It’s more about having a general understanding of how you and your roommates are going to run the apartment. It's quick, easy and can make your living experience a blast!
So you’re probably wondering what is usually included in a roommate agreement?
Here’s a list of topics, but each agreement can be customized to the needs of your roommates. 

Guests – Do you need to give advanced warning? How long is it acceptable for guests to visit? Are there designated times when guests can visit?
Guidelines for use of common space  - When will you vacuum, sweep, of dust?
Personal property guidelines – How do you feel about sharing clothes, movies, or products?
Standards of cleanliness – Will everyone do their own dishes? Who and when will you clean the bathroom?
Designated quiet hours for study or sleep – Do you have early classes? Or are you a night owl?
Guidelines for sharing control of television and other appliances – Who uses the TV and when? Or how to you share gaming devises?
Weekend versus weekday rules 
How to distribute mail – Where will you put your roomies letters or packages if they aren’t there?
Fair division of shared expenses  
Deadlines for rent payment and bills
Smoking and drinking rules- When and where is it acceptable?
Allergy issues that may impact acceptable behavior – Are there certain foods that need to be kept separated?
Pet ownership and care guidelines – Make sure no one is allergic before you get a pet!
How to update roommate agreement
Consequences for violating roommate agreement

These are things to think about as you’re moving in with new roommates.  It’s even wise to discuss some of these things before you agree to sign a lease together.  Knowing how to live with other people can have a learning curve, especially if it’s your first time.  Creating a simple roommate contract can help smooth out potential problems before they start.  Take a little time to sit down with your roommates and discuss the agreement over coffee or lunch.  Hashing these issues out will help you get to know the people you’re living with and save you all trouble in the long run!

Take a look at this sample roommate contract. There are tons on online contracts.  If you don't have time to make your own, there are tons of free contracts online! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Style Spotlight: Nautical

Nautical inspired spaces bring the beach inside all year round.  Iowa is about as far from the shore line as you can get. Would you rather buy an expensive plane ticket or come home to a mini vacation everyday? I know which one I would chose.  Here are some tips on how to achieve a nautical style so the sea can seem a little closer.  


First things first, you need to decide on colors.  Think of the hues you see on the beach and stick to that.  Beige, white, and cream colors paired with a range of blues are the classic colors of nautical style.  Keep the color simple, accent color if fine but don't go overboard.  Clean fresh colors are the base in any nautical themed space, so keep it simple.  Red is a classic accent for a nautical room.  Red, white, and blue are the most common color combinations in nautical themes. Navy and white strips look great in nautical rooms but be careful not to use to much.  The pattern works in small doses and still creates a big impact.

Authentic Decor

If you're going for a nautical theme, the decor is straight forward.  Make it evident in the art you hang, think beach scenes, boats, anchors, sea life or light houses.  When your thinking about home decor go natural.  Sea shells are the easiest way to decorate a nautical inspired space.  Decorate your room with authentic decor like oars, lanterns, model ships or sea life sculptures.  These items will add interest to your room as well as make the theme easily understood.


Adding the right texture and fabrics to a space can help to tie in your theme.  If nautical is what you want, try crisp white canvas on couches or drapes.  It brings to mind the image of a sail at sea.  Another cheap way to add texture is to use a thick rope as decor.  This reminds us of sail boating and sea nets.  It can be used to tie back curtains or decorate a lamp or vase.  Think about incorporating other sea textures like sand or natural drift wood. 

Do you have any great nautical themed spaces? Email them to us for a chance to be featured! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hot Spot: Grand Cleaners

Don’t freak out about trying to fit laundry into your busy schedule.  Take it down to Grand Cleaners and let them do the dirty work for you.  Have you washed your comforters, rugs, or curtains lately? It’s important to keep your linens clean, dirt and dust can build up and contribute to seasonal allergies.  Take your hard to wash items to the nearest Grand Cleaners, they make it easy.  Grand Cleaners also does tailoring and alterations! Make sure your suit fits to a T, and get it tailored just to you. 

Grand Cleaners offers all of these services:

  Dry Cleaning
Shirt Laundry
Tailoring and Alternatives
Leather and Suede
Wedding Gown Preservation
Table Linens
Fine Silks
Area Rugs

Grand Cleaners customer promise

"We will provide simply the highest quality in cleaning and all services that we provide and we offer these at a very competitive pricing.  We always focus on total spot removal on all stains that can be removed and all creases to your satisfaction."

Use your leftover Fun Money to get your laundry done, it's on us! 

Hot Spot: Alpha Copies

Check out Alpha Copies, one of Ames Hot Spots! Their newest location at 3615 Lincoln Way is the largest quick print center in Iowa.  They have ample parking so you won’t have to tote your prints down the block.  As well as 6 full computer stations that are free to use.  It’s no wonder Alpha Copies offers the fastest turn around time in Iowa! 

Alpha Copies is also offering a variety of ISU products including men’s and women’s apparel and merchandise. Head to Alpha Copies for all of your Cyclone gear!
 With 4800 sq. ft of retail space, they are now offering a “Made in Iowa” section that offers products from some of the people we serve including... 

Willow Bridge Greeting Cards

 These are custom hand made cards that offers you the option of creating your own caption with each card.

Mildred and Manilla

Mildred and Manilla is a variety of bath salts made from Himalyan Salts


Burgies Whole bean coffee is roasted here in Ames 

Jenuninely Pure

Jenuninely Pure products offers person hygiene soaps, hand wash,body cream, lip balm  
Alpha Copies also offers a free conference room for any group or meeting. It includes sound proof walls and a 65" flat screen TV for training and presentations. Call the store for more information and to reserve a date.

Of course we offer plenty of free off street parking, 6 free to use computer stations, and we can offer the fastest turn around time in Central Iowa.

Alpha Copies also accepts Fun Money on any of their copy services!

New Faces at Haverkamp

If you've been into the Ames Office lately you might have seen a few new faces.  Or at least some old faces in new places! We've done some rearranging in the Ames Office, here's a look at the new staff and some fun facts about them!


Heather is the new Ames Property Manager.  She started at Haverkamp Properties October 1st of this year as a leasing agent.  Her hard work and dedication to the company moved her up quickly! Heather grew up in Clinton, Iowa where she comes from a long line of Veterinarians.  Heather grew up above her families veterinary clinic.  Some of her favorite memories where helping deliver baby animals as a child.  Last Summer Heather even rehabilitated baby bunnies.  Good thing the Ames properties are all pet friendly!

Interests: All things animals
Hobbies: Cross Stitching & spoiling her nephews
Fun Fact: Heather has pet a tiger!


Spencer has worked for Haverkamp Properties for two years but was recently promoted to assistant manager.  His journey at Haverkamp started when he was a resident here.  The story goes that Spencer walked into Ames office and was asked if he wanted a job, of course he said "Uh, sure!"  After a short application and interview, Spencer was hired onto our team and never looked back!  Spencer will be transferring to Liberty University to finish out his senior year of college.  

Interests: Sports, basketball and tennis
Hobbies: Sporting events and boating
Music: County and Soft Rock
Fun Fact: Spencer was accidentally left in Mexico as a child during a family vacation.  Needless to say he is fluent in Spanish and loves a good churro.

Say hello to your new Ames Property Management! 


Kade started as a leasing agent near the middle of last May.  He's a sophomore at Iowa State University studying Finance.  We found Kade through Spencer, these two had known each other since high school and were reunited at Haverkamp.  He went to Iowa Falls High School where he was active in athletics and is currently on the Iowa State Basketball Practice Squad.  

Interests: Basketball, baseball, running, & football
Music: Country and Rap
Hobbies: Grilling out with friends
Fun Fact: Kade is allergic to peanut butter

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY Father's Day Gifts!

Father's Day is right around the corner! For all you procrastinators out there, now is the time to start thinking about what your going to do for your dad on his big day. Taking him out for dinner is a nice gesture but why not give him something from the heart.  There's still time to make your dad a hand crafted gift for Father's Day.  Here are some great ideas for people of all craft levels!
Camp inspired leather work.  Get creative and make Dad something he needs like an iPad sleeve, mouse pad or fashionable pocket protector! Martha Stewart shows you how here.

Taking Dad's tool belt to the next level with this handmade BBQ apron and tool belt.  Perfect for the man who loves to grill out. Get the tutorial here from HGTV.

Quirky personalized pillow! For the dad who seems to have everything, a humorous gift may be the way to go. Try using an old shirt he never wears, or find a conversation starter that will put a smile on his face. Learn how here from Ruffles and Stuff!

Snack Attack! Decorate an old 6 pack (cleaned out of course!) and fill each bottle with his favorite snacks.  Get the full tutorial from The Idea Room here

Make him a monogram tie coffee cup jacket. This is such a simple and unique project that any dad is sure to love! Perfect for coffee lovers.  Learn how at Dukes and Dutchesses.

Get out your hammer and make a DIY wooden tool box.  This project is great because it doesn't only have to be used for tools.  This could double as a desk organizer or whatever your dad needs! Learn how at Whimseybox.

Put together a root beer sampler for Father's Day! It's genius! If your dad likes the real stuff better make him a beer sampler.  Try finding brands that are new to him. Get more tips on the root beer sampler here.

Sweet and simple homemade BBQ.  Try making any of your dad's favorite foods and you're sure to make his day! Get the BBQ recipe from here.

Do you have any great ideas for Father's Day? Share them with us at

Monday, June 10, 2013

Style Spotlight: Masculine

When it comes to decorating, men usually get a bad wrap.  But masculine styled spaces can be attractive and stylish.  We've compiled tips to throw some class into your bachelor pad. Here are some items that will make your masculine interior pop. 
1. Neutral Colored Couch with strong lines 
2. Wooden Crate as an end table or foot rest 
3. Leather Lounge Chair
4. Fur Blanket 
5. Interesting Gadgets 
5. Geometric Throw Pillows
7. Flex Wood/Magazine Holder (check it out here)
8. Personalized Metal Flask
9. Faux Taxidermy (or real if you're into that)
10. Worn Book decor
11. Wooden Lamp
12. Caged Lighting
13. Cool Wall Signage 
14. Sleek Modern Clock


The colors you choose will set the tone for any space.  When you're going for a masculine style start with neutrals.  Taupe, tan, and grey work well for these spaces.  You can also use rich dark colors like navy blue, dark greens, reds, or browns.  Earth tones work well in a masculine room.  Warm rust or brink tones make the space more inviting. Keep your space full of rich hues.  


Going alone with the Earth tones, it’s always great to use natural materials in masculine style.  Wood grain is a necessity, it adds warmth and richness to the room and can be used in a variety of ways.  Hard wood floors, wooden tables, chairs, and even wooden wall paneling works well in a masculine space.  Think wood paneling looks a little to dated? Try playing up only one accent wall with wooden texture.   


The atmosphere needs to remain comfortable and casual.  Leather sofas or arm chairs are an iconic feature of the “Man Cave”.  Depending on the room leather can range from sleek black to warm chocolate or cognac. Pillows are a great sourse of texture, try using suede, wool, or canvas.  If those are a little too rough for your taste try furs or cashmere. 

When decorating a masculine space there are three things to think about, Quality, Comfort, and Personality.


The pieces you put into your masculine design should be high quality items.  When you’re furnishing your space look for aged items.  The quality of furniture has decreased dramatically over the last decades so go for a sturdy vintage piece.  Take note of the quality of materials you use, this is not a space for cheap knock offs.


Form and function are equally important when it comes to the furniture you use.  Couches and pillows should be full. Keep the space cozy with plenty of warm fabrics and patterns.  


Masculine spaces are very personalized with unique wall décor and one of a kind items.  When you’re looking for accessories find interesting pieces that speak to who you are.  Mix and match décor to fit your style and make the space truly yours. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hot Spot: Sun Tan City

Sun Tan City is literally on of Ames Hottest Spots! With two locations (4518 Mortensen Rd. & 809 Wheeler Street) they’re ready to meet all of your tanning needs.  They have a wide range of beds including the Fast, Faster, Fastest, and Instant.  Not to mention quick and easy Sunless tanning! They have something for everyone.  
 Not sure how to start tanning? Just head over to your nearest location and talk with a tanning expert.  Sun Tan City employees know how to get the best color on any skin tone.  They have great recommendations for lotions and extenders, so stop in and try something new! Sun Tan City is also accepting Fun Money.  Use your fun money to go for that new lotion you’ve been wanting to try, or bump up to the next level bed!  Take a few minutes out of your day to unwind at Sun Tan City.  You don’t always have time to make it out to the beach for that beautiful summer glow, but you do have 15 minutes to stop relax in a warm tanning bed. 
Stay up to date on all of Sun Tan Cities specials on their blog at

Hot Spot: Valentino's Pizza

Valentino’s has been serving Ames for over 28 years! They’ve continued to serve our community with excellent pizza and pasta with unwavering commitment.  That’s why we’ve chosen them as one of Ames Hot Spots! Stop by Valentino’s and get you fill of good food in a great atmosphere.  Valentino’s is also accepting Fun Money! If you can any extra Fun Money take it down to Val’s for a good meal at a great price.
Check out the Dining Room Menu here.
Weekly Specials include:
Monday – Senior Day

Tuesday – Kids Day – Kids 12 and under eat free!

Wednesday – Student Special – Buffet only 5.99 after 4 pm
Sunday – Brunch from 9am -2pm
Dining Room Hours
Mon-Sat 11 am – 9pm
Sun 9 am – 9pm

Buffet Hours
Mon-Thur 11am-2pm & 4pm-8:30pm
Fri- Sat 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday Brunch 9am- 2pm

Carry Out and Delivery
Open until 10pm Daily!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Color Wheel: Mustard Gold

Mustard, love it or hate it, this color has made a come back. We’ve been swooning over the warm gold tone since Fall 2011, when this intriguing shade hit the runways with full force.  This color inspires a Mid Century vibe while still being modern and trendy.  Mustard is one of my favorite shades so I may be bias, but what’s not to like about it?

 We love mustard for all occasions! Accessorize with this bold color with hints of gold on the walls or in your hair.  I love this color all year long, but it's a hot color for Fall.  So gear up with mustard colored accessories for when the leave start to fall!

Furniture looks great in this shade.  Mustard makes a great accent piece and is easily blended with many color schemes.  Go bold and go gold! 

Try pairing mustard with eggplant, navy blue, red, and all grays. You’ll get the vintage look you want when you pair mustard with earth tones and citron green, these pairs make for a cozy atmosphere.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Keep Your Security Deposit

Many renters get nervous when it comes to security deposits.  It’s helpful to understand why security deposits are important. We'll tell you how to take the proper steps to keep your apartment in good shape and keep your money.

Read the lease!

Not all leases are the same cookie cutter form.  Occasionally landlords will use leases that aren’t standardized.  Make sure you fully understand the sections dealing with your security deposit.  Are there automatic cleaning fees?  Go over the lease with a leasing agent or landlord and make sure what you’re signing is fair.

Know your Renter’s Rights

All it takes is a little research to be familiar with your rights as a renter in Iowa.  Check out this site for a brief summary of Iowa Rental Laws.

Do a walk-through

Most leases will come with a walk-through condition form.  Taking the time to fill it out can save you money down the road.  Take a few minutes and do a through inspection of each room.  If there are ANY imperfections make note of them.  This makes it easier for you and your landlord to sort out what damages may or may not be your fault.  If you don’t fill the form out you could easily be charged for the damages of previous tenants.  If a similar form isn’t provided make your own and mail it to your landlord with proof of delivery.  If there are questionable damages it’s a good idea to photograph the apartment and digitally date it.  This way there can be no question about the move in condition.  Don’t let this scare you, these forms are generally painless to fill out and benefit both you and your landlord.

What to look for:

All appliances functioning
Holes or dents in the walls
Chipping paint
Carpet stains
Imperfections on any fixtures - cabinets, towel racks, drawers, lights

Keep Track

If anything breaks while you’re living in the apartment document it thoroughly.  Especially if the damages aren’t your fault.  Landlords often require written requests for repairs anyway, just make sure you keep a copy.

Clean Before You Leave

Give your place a good cleaning before you leave.  If you leave it dirty your landlord will have to pay to tidy it up, this is where your security deposit goes.  So to avoid those charges keep your apartment clean on a regular basis so your not scrambling the week you move out.  Regularly clean the showers, toilets, vacuum, and dust.  You don’t have to hire a maid, just take care of your place. 

Leave a Forwarding Address

Since you're moving be sure to leave your old landlord with your new address.  They'll need to now where you live to send the check, it's pretty simple.

Ask Questions

If you find that you’ve been charged for something questionable be sure to ask about it.  In most states, Iowa included, your landlord must provide receipts and proof of cause.  This ensures that your landlord won’t be charging you for unreasonable expenses.

In the end security deposits are a good thing! If your apartment was in good move-in condition you can thank the security deposit.  It ensures that you wont move in to a trashed apartment and gives you more incentive to respect your space. If you have any questions about your lease or security deposit with Haverkamp Properties be sure to contact our offices and talk with one of our leasing agents. We're here to make it simple! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Style Spotlight: Feminine

There’s something lovely about softs hues, flowing forms, and light airy interiors.  This weeks style spotlight is all about "feminine" inspired spaces.  We understand that you can be feminine without being covered head to toe in florals and lace, so keep in mind this is a simply a style.  Here are a few key tricks to achieving a chic feel with iconic feminine design features. 

Soft Muted Colors

Color can set the tone for any space.  If feminine is what your going for try a pastel palette.  Keep the space light, layering off white or cream is commonly used in interiors, think walls, bedding, or curtain fixtures.  Just because it’s feminine doesn’t mean everything is in pink.  Any color kept soft fits the mood, try adding light greys to the mix.  If you’re bound and determined to use bold color, do it sparingly. 

Curvilinear Forms

When you’re designing a feminine space keep the forms free flowing.  Too many harsh geometric shapes can look rough.  Think organic, soft forms.  For this reason layered fabrics are your friend.

Lush Layers

When you keep the palette soft you can pile on the fabric without overwhelming the room.  The more the merrier then it come to bedding, throw pillows or curtains.  Word to the wise, pick and choose where to layer.  We love lush fabrics, but you can go overboard. 

We know feminine doesn’t equal lace and frill, it’s not as simple as that but here are some iconic features in feminine styled spaces: Lace, Velvet, Floral, Ribbon, Tufted Furniture, Ruffles, and Sheer Fabrics.

Designer Spotlight: Rachel Ashwell

Founder of the iconic brand “Shabby Chic Couture”, Rachel has made a name for herself with her ultra feminine style.  Most of the images featured in this blog from the Shabby Chic site, where you can shop this style.  Her products are also in stores at Target.  Her style could be compared to your Grandmothers attic, full of worn treasures and delicate furnishings.  She began her business in the 80's by selling flea market finds and custom furniture covers.  Her love for beautifully faded fabrics and furniture is evident in her current lines.  Rachel had this to say about her reclaimed feminine style:

"A faded, peeling old dresser, a cracked white chandelier, a chipped metal trash can painted with roses. To one person, these items are rejects from the junkyard, to another they are a bounty of riches. Discovering beauty in finding new uses for the old and worn discards of others greatly appeals to me, there is no better place to find the faded and decayed, the crumbing and the scuffed than a salvage yard or flea market, garage or estate sale”.
Visit the Shabby Chic site here, and check out Rachel's blog